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Arranging: Using Jazz and Pop harmonies: Cindy Horstman
A review of basic theory will then be applied in making chord choices for a melody in class. We will compare traditional and non-traditional chords choices for more options that can be applied to your own arrangements at home. Lever and pedal. All levels.

Building Blocks of Harp Technique: Laura Logan Brandenburg
Presented as a primer on various harp techniques from basic to advanced, this workshop is helpful for the beginner to intermediate harpist, or as a “checklist” review for the more advanced player or teacher.  Includes tips for effective practice of harp technique as well as recommendations of resources for further study. Lever and pedal. All levels.

Ensemble – Harp Journeys Ensemble with Cindy
We hope everyone will participate in this experience with our Featured Artist! With a rehearsal on Friday and a rehearsal on Saturday, our final informal performance will end our day on Saturday. You will need to order and prepare your parts before the festival. Click here for the list of required music. Please feel free to invite friends and loved ones to our informal finale on Saturday. You may choose to be in one or both Cindy’s Ensemble and Kimberly’s Ensemble depending on how much music you want to prepare. Lever and pedal. All levels.

Ensemble – Saturday Ensemble with Kimberly
One rehearsal only! There are two pieces to purchase and prepare prior to our festival.  We will join Cindy’s ensemble on Saturday afternoon for an informal performance. You may choose to be in one or both Cindy’s Ensemble and Kimberly’s Ensemble depending on how much music you want to prepare. Click here for the list of required musicLever and pedal. All levels.

Glissando 101: Laura Logan Brandenburg
Learn quick and easy pedal changes to be able to play beautiful glissandi in any key! Find out what all those symbols in orchestra parts and solo pieces really mean. This workshop will also include demonstration and performance practice on a variety of glissando techniques. Primarily geared toward pedal harpists, or composers/arrangers. Open to all levels.

Harping with Friends: Cindy and Michael Medina, bass
This multi-level workshop introduces techniques on how to incorporate the harp into an ensemble setting. Learn how to adapt your part to fit in with other musicians. Lever and Pedal. All levels.

Improvisation with Cindy
Understanding some of the basic concepts in improvisational can add a whole new dimension to your playing and be a whole lot of fun. Lever and Pedal. All levels.

A Match Made in Heaven – Yoga and Harp: Kimberly DeRosa and Debra Simon
Debbie will present a gentle yoga class accompanied by live harp music. Our focus will be on stretches, strengthening and breath work specifically for the harpist. You may participate or simply sit and relax to the music provided by Kimberly. Bring your mat if you have one. There will be some mats available.

Private lessons are available on a first come, first serve basis. So please get your registration in early and indicate with whom you would like a lesson. Lesson times are limited. A 30-minute lesson is $40 payable directly to your instructor.

Repertoire Sharing: Kimberly DeRosa
An opportunity for participants to share solos from their repertoire in an informal setting. Discover new repertoire by listening to others. For those who choose to play, this allows a comfortable and supportive performance experience. Bring your solos!

Rhythmic Feels: Cindy Horstman
Why do certain styles have a certain feel? A lot has to do with the underlying rhythms. Join Cindy to explore rhythmic interpretations for a Ballade and for a Latin piece. Lever and Pedal. All levels.

Uniquely Yours: Kimberly DeRosa
Learn how to take a piece you already know and create something new and uniquely yours. Anyone can do it! Kimberly will demonstrate the techniques she will be using in her playing for relaxation during Saturday’s yoga class. It is suggested that you bring a short solo that is already in your fingers and very comfortable for you to play.

Up Close with Cindy; Up Close with Laura
This free format will allow participants to visit, ask questions and “pick the brains” of our presenters. It may also provide an opportunity for any participants wanting to play a solo in an informal setting and receive comments from the presenter.