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1. What is Harp Journeys?
Harp Journeys was founded in 2006 by Kimberly Snaufer DeRosa. This Harp Festival is open to adults desiring to enrich their studies of music on the harp and to allow the opportunity to connect and network with other adult harpists/harpers. Harp Journeys also allows a format for talented and experienced presenters and performers to share their strengths and their music. This program was designed to meet the unique needs and desires of the adult player. It allows opportunities to learn about a variety of styles and techniques on the harp. Ensemble playing is an important part of this Festival and everyone is encouraged to be a part of this unique experience. Even for those who have never played in an ensemble, this opportunity can be rewarding and fun. The faculty performance for the participants in a concert open to the public with free admission.

About our Faculty:
Our exceptional and talented faculty members are all experienced performers and presenters, have worked in numerous environments teaching adults, have a passion for their art and share the unique gift of inspiring students at any and all levels. Previous years’ outstanding artists include Becky Baxter, Rhett Barnwell, Angi Bemiss, Kimberly DeRosa, Robbin Gordon-Cartier, Therese Honey, John Gearhart, Linda Larkin, Delaine Leonard Fedson, Dr. Laura Logan, Emily Mitchell, Mary Radspinner, Ingrid Sevy, Louise Trotter and Frank Voltz.

2. What is new for Harp Journeys this year? 
1) Harp Journeys 2017 uses a 2 day format instead of a 3 day format used from 2006 – 2014. We hope this will be more convenient and allow more harpists to attend. It also allows us to keep our registration costs lower which we hope will be more affordable to our participants. 2) Our ensembles concert was previously a more formal event which included a banquet dinner. This year will be much more informal and without the banquet dinner. However, we suspect that many participants will join together for a meal at one of the many restaurants in the area at the end of our day. 3) Online registration has been added with the option to mail in your registration still available. 4) Both Ensembles are multi-level this year. As always, rehearsals will be a relaxed and fun environment for our participants. 5) This year we are located in Irving, Texas. Past festivals have been in Houston, Lewisville and Cypress, Texas.

3. What about the weather?
If you are attending Harp Journeys in Irving (north Texas) late October, you will find the average temperatures to be a high in the mid 70s and the average low in the mid 50s with very little chance of rain.

4. How many participants are likely to attend Harp Journeys?
Harp Journeys offers an intimate environment for workshop and ensemble participation. This allows a chance for you to get to know your fellow harp enthusiasts and an opportunity for some personal attention from our very talented and experienced Faculty. Past Harp Journeys registration has numbered between 20 – 45 participants.

5. What ages does this Festival include?
Harp Journeys is structured for adults 20 years – 100 years old. If you do not fall into this age range but would like to be considered as a participant, please contact Kimberly at kimberlyharp@gmail.com or (713) 962-6923.    : )

6. How do I go about renting a harp for the Festival?
Contact Kimberly at kimberlyharp@gmail.com or (713) 962-6923. Please mark your application that you are interested in a lever or pedal rental harp. The earlier you are able to make these arrangements the more likely you will be accommodated. Requests must be resented at least one week prior to the Festival. Rental fees vary from $30 – $60 a day.

7. May I leave my harp overnight?
The harps are locked each evening. In order to store your harp overnight, it will be required that you sign a release form stating that you take full responsibility of the instruments and personal items stored on sight. Neither our venue nor the Harp Journeys staff is responsible for damage or loss during the Festival. Please take your harp home at the end of the day on Saturday.

8. Do I need to prepare anything ahead of time?
Yes! One of the fun and rewarding experiences of Harp Journeys is the opportunity to play in an ensemble. In order to gain the most from your ensemble experience, it is strongly suggested that you purchase the music ahead, choose the part you would like to play before rehearsals begin. We have limited time in rehearsals and some advanced preparation will allow a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

9. How do I know which Ensemble suits me best?
The repertoire will be posted on this website under “Ensembles”. If you are currently studying with someone, show him/her the repertoire list and ask his/her opinion. Although the Ensembles in the past were divided into levels, this year, both Ensembles are multi-level. You may participate in one or in both, depending on how much music you would like to prepare. You may also choose to prepare some but not all of the music for the ensemble. This is your experience so please do what feels right to you!

10. How do I know which part to choose for the Ensemble music?
Choose a part that is comfortable for you. If you are currently studying with someone, he/she will be able to help guide you. If you prefer playing just right hand or just left hand, that is fine.

11. How do I schedule a private lesson?
Please note that our schedule limits the number of private lessons that are offered. Scheduling lessons is on a first come, first serve basis so get your registration in early. Fees: $40 per 30 minute lesson may be given directly to the instructor as cash or check at the time of your lesson.

12. Is there concert attire for the participants?
In the past, we suggested that participants dress up a little for the ensemble performance. This year, our “performance” will be a more casual and informal final play through of our ensemble pieces so there is no need to bring a change of clothes, just be comfortable. You may invite loved ones and friends to listen to our final performance of our pieces.

13. Do I have to play in an Ensemble?
We very much hope that you will experience the fun of creating music with other harpists. It is a rare occasion that brings this many harpists together and being a part of that can feel magical.

14. Concert tickets?
Our concerts are free and open to the public.

15. What about meals?
Meals will be on your own. There will most likely be some coordinated carpooling. Many restaurants are conveniently located.

16. For further questions?
If the other pages on this website do not answer your question,
contact Kimberly DeRosa at kimberlyharp@gmail.com or (713) 962-6923.